The Best Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells of 2018

The Best Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells of 2018

Are you interested in weight training? Are you eager to gain muscles to flex, lose some weight, or increase body strength?

If you are, then you must be looking forward to visiting a gym to hit the weight set. However, as of 2016, 57.25 million people started going to gyms, meaning you may have to waste some time waiting for your turn. If you dislike that idea, a home-based workout routine could be the best alternative.

If you’re going that route, reliable but cheap adjustable dumbbells are what you need!

Not sure which ones are worth the investment? We’ve got you covered. Here is our list of some of the best cheap dumbbells that you can buy to get started on your workout routine.


What Are Adjustable Dumbbells?

Adjustable dumbbells work the same way as traditional dumbbells. The main difference is that they’re quicker and it’s easier to change the weight plates. You don’t need to unscrew parts to add or remove weight plates from your hand. You only have to turn a dial and to make the needed adjustments.

Before we delve deeper in, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of owning a set of cheap adjustable dumbbells.

Benefits of Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells

Buying your own set of dumbbells offers multiple perks. Some of these advantages include:


The main perk, of course, is that you’ll save up more money in the long run than when you go to the gym. Per year, you’ll spend at least around $600-$800 in gyms. Buying a set of cheap dumbbells can cut the cost to almost 1/3 of that.


You won’t have to spend time traveling to the gym and back home anymore. Setting up in your own house will give you more time to work out and allow less stress from traffic. Also, who doesn’t like the privacy of working out in their home?


Most people think that bigger is better and tend to go for barbells rather than dumbbells because of it. In truth, using a pair of dumbbells is better than using a barbell.

They are easier on the joints and allow more freedom when moving your hands along the handle for better grip. Plus, they’re much safer than barbells. There are also more exercises you can do with dumbbells compared to the bigger barbells.

These are some of the benefits of owning a set of dumbbells. Now let’s dive in with the list to see if which cheap dumbbell is best suited for you.

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells set is perfect for those looking for a heavy workout as it helps you with progressive resistance, with weights ranging from 5-70 lbs. for each hand.

When you’re ready for a heavier workout, you can later purchase the 50-90 lb. expansion kit for an additional price. The 70 lb. set can also include the stand where you can put them in.

ProForm Adjustable Dumbbell Set

If you’re interested in a lighter workout, then the ProForm 25 lb. Adjustable Dumbbell set is what you’re looking for.

This pair of 12.5 lb. weights (total of 25-lbs.) has four round plates at 2.5-lbs. on each side and a handle weighing at another 2.5 lbs. They’re more versatile than the other options in this list, making them great choices for folks not used to adjustable dumbbells.

XMark Adjustable Dumbbell

Each of these 25-lbs. dumbbells feature a chrome plated, heavy-duty steel craftsmanship and come with their own storage plate.

These dumbbells are a perfect weight if you want to do a workout routine that gives you a great butt. You can also get a pair that’s 50-lbs. each hand. Keep in mind that the 50 lb. variant also comes in singles.

StairMaster TwistLock Adjustable Dumbbells

These adjustable dumbbells are a bit on the pricey side but their features more than make up for the price!

Each dumbbell can be set to a weight range from 5-50 lbs. each, making a total of 100 lbs. per pair and they come with their own storage cradle. The StairMaster also features a TwistLock design that lets you adjust weights in a quick, easy manner. Safety concerns are not an issue because this feature only works when the dumbbells are in their cradles.

The weight display is also very visible, allowing you to make sure you’re lifting the weight you intend to lift.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

Although it’s another one on the pricier side, the Ironmaster is perfect for those who prefer the traditional dumbbell model.

The Ironmaster features a quick lock system that allows you to adjust its weight in a matter of seconds! No more screwing on and off to adjust your weights.

Each dumbbell weighs can weigh from 5-75 lbs. Giving you the option for a heavy workout. They also feature chrome-plated, welded steel as the handles to ensure durability and safety.

Also comes with a free, space efficient stand that takes up less than 2 square feet.

Starring Adjustable Dumbbells

Another traditional model, these cast-iron dumbbells come at a variety of weights. From 5-52.5 lbs. each hand, and 100 lbs. each.

They come in either chromed or spray painted black, and also come with an optional safety tray, for when you want to use them outside.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Considered as THE best, most used adjustable dumbbell so far, the Bowflex is perfect for those who are still starting with weight training.

Featuring an easy spin dial system, you can set your weight limit from 5-52.5 lbs. each dumbbell in a snap. The dials are also incremented at 2.5 each turn if your setting it from 5 lbs. to 25 lbs. and once you reach 25, the increments increase to 5 lbs. each. And for a little extra cash, you can also get the stand that these dumbbells come with.

Get Your Own Set of Adjustable Dumbbells Now!

What are you waiting for? Go and get best cheap adjustable dumbbell set that you think fits for you! Don’t forget to consider your limit when you work out. The safest way to get some sick gains is to always pace yourself.

For more help and more information, contact us and visit our page today.

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