Best Adjustable Dumbbells Review 2017

Fixed weight and adjustable dumbbells work in the same way and produce the same results.  Both let you do strength training at home and offer a more cost-effective option than an exercise machines can. However, traditional dumbbells are a fixed weight, which are usually purchased individually or in sets, unlike adjustable dumbbells which are “adjustable” and are just a single unit.

The problem with traditional dumbbells is they work with different weight plates and can be secured in place with a clamp or a bunch of different fixed weights – meaning users need different pairs to increase or decrease resistance.

Traditional fixed weight dumbbells
This is a picture of a dude using traditional weights!


An adjustable dumbbell goes without saying, is well… adjustable, taking waaaaaay less space than fixed weight models.  If you’re building a home gym or are limited on space, you should be buying adjustable dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells offer far more advantages regarding space and convenience, versus fixed weight dumbbells.

Before getting your hands on an adjustable set, let’s drill into the benefits of adjustable dumbbells and outline the best adjustable dumbbells including the picks on the market today.

Adjustable Dumbbells www.adjustabledumbbellguru.com
Adjustable Dumbbells www.adjustabledumbbellguru.com


Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells

1. Space

If you want to save space, then adjustable dumbbells are the only way to go. After all, these can be packed away in a closet or in the corner of your room after training. Plus, if you love being clean and tidy you probably wouldn’t appreciate a messy training room or a cluttered space with weights all over the place.

2. Adjustability

This is where adjustable dumbbells outshine fixed weights. Traditionally of course weight cannot be adjusted however by just making a quick turn or setting change, you can modify an adjustable dumbbell extremely quickly and because you can easily change weights you can move from exercise to exercise easily or ramp up the weight super quick. Plus, you don’t need a massive space at home to store them! Its a win win!

3. Easier on the joint than barbells

The issue with traditional barbells is they force your hands to stay in the same place while lifting, this can translate to discomfort. This isn’t the case with dumbbells that are more joint-friendlier than barbells. Also adjustable dumbbells let you train with one or both limbs, this is fantastic! Doing rows or standing presses for instance with adjustable dumbbells rather than a barbell on a bench allows you to move your joints in a more natural way.

4. Equal work for the limbs

Barbells lifters often find themselves using their dominant hand carrying the weight. If you have imbalanced limb strength, you might suffer further imbalance from using it. This isn’t always the case with adjustable dumbbells in which both arms carry equal weight.  You can also train your weak side to balance your limb strength with a dumbbell more than you would with a barbell.

5. Muscle development

Dumbbells aid in maximum muscle development because they require more stabilizing muscles to support the move to keep proper form and support the weight. Plus, it’s harder to use them versus machines, making the muscles work harder.

[Adjustable dumbbells are less stable and more free form than machines. This means you use more muscles = more challenging and effective workouts].

5. Cost

You probably have a check list for investing in a home gym for what you want and need. As you have probably worked out…it costs a lot. You might not have to spend a lot by getting adjustable dumbbells and it gives you the flexibility to do lots of what multiple machines or dumbbell racks achieve.

Traditional dumbbells have loads of parts, they usually increment starting at five pounds going all the way up 100+ pounds.  That’s lot of weight and that’s a lot of gear sitting around.

Investing in adjustable dumbbells on the other hand, saves you money and offers different weights at the flick of your wrist or the moving of a pin.

Top 3 Adjustable Dumbbells Review 2017

  1. Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell
  2. PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Set
  3. Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

Quick Table of Comparison

Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell
PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell SetBowflex SelectTech Dumbbells
Quality - A+Quality - A+Quality - A+
Price - $$$Price - $$$Price - $$$
Our rating - 4.8Our rating - 4.7Our rating - 4.5
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Best Adjustable Dumbbells 2017

  1. Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell

There are many Ironmaster adjustable models on the market but one that shines is the Ironmaster 75lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System. It is one of the latest generation offered by Iron Master to all bodybuilders and exercisers alike who want to get the most out of their free weight training sessions.

This is a smart addition to any home gym because each dumbbell ranges from 5 to 75 pounds and can be adjusted within seconds with its quick lock design. These sets also include four locking screws, 4 x 2.5lb plates and 24 x 5lb plates. Every locking screw weighs 2.5 pounds (starting weight 10lbs each dumbbell) and each handle can accommodate up to 65 pounds of weight.


  • A stand included FREE
  • No fragile or plastic parts
  • Quick lock design
  • Exercise poster included
  • Chrome-plated handles and welded steel construction
  • Include 2 x 75 pounds each dumbbell


  • Very expensive
  1. PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbell Set

PowerBlock has a reputable name in the gym equipment industry. PowerBlock offers the Elite 70, which is a part of its Elite Series and has unique features. They are solid construction and feature a good adjustment system.

PowerBlock sets offer versatility and space efficiency, letting you do most of your free weight training routines at home without taking up much space.  Its handle has a dial lock system, letting you remove the handle to add or remove in 2.5lb increments. It has a safety feature, ensuring each of the dials is “Closed” before an exercise.  The Elite’s inner bar is with a rubberized coating and the bars connect the board corners can also be utilized for a workout.


  • Steel weight plates finished with thick enamel for glossy appearance and added durability
  • Interesting design – four independent bars surrounding the handle and connecting each end
  • Expandable for up to 90 pounds later
  • 1575 pounds of weight plates in total, replacing 22 pairs of dumbbells
  • Weight range per hand from five to 70 pounds


  • Might not be comfortable to use for users with thick wrists and large hands

Read the full blog here

  1. Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells made it to this list because of its solid construction and unique design. Each has a series of grooved weight plates and a dial at each end.

The set includes 15 weight sets into a dial system, making it a space-saving option that lets you do most of your free weight exercises at home, without buying sets of fixed weight dumbbells. Just by turning the dial, you can change resistance ranging from 5lbs up to 52.5lbs of weight.


  • Marked dial for weight options
  • Series of grooved plates
  • Lets you switch from an exercise to the next
  • Can be adjusted in 2.5-lb increments
  • Dial system lets users combine 15 sets of weights into one
  • Easy resistance modification from five up to 52.5 pounds with the turn of a dial


  • Weight capacity/limit lower than the other featured sets


There you have the guide on the top three picks on adjustable dumbbells to choose from and consider. Each has its pros and cons – strengths and weaknesses. But nevertheless, they are three reliable models that every serious bodybuilder should have in his or her arsenal and that every home gym owner should consider for space and cost efficiency.

The best part is that all these adjustable dumbbells are three of the most reviewed (top rated) and best-selling on the market. This alone means that everyone uses them; from fitness seekers and coaches to lifters.

Enjoy get your set today!


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